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What should you know about caring for your wool suits?

As we have already mentioned many times wool is the perfect fabric for men's suit, because of the important benefits it gives. Choose a suit with higher fiber fineness and you will feel and look great for a very long time.

But what should you know about caring for your wool suit?

- after you have worn it once, wait 24 hours before do it again - due to its natural resiliency, wool will allow wrinkles to fall out and the suit's original shape will be recovered

- if a wool garment gets damp, hang it out of direct sunlight and brush it after it's dry

- soil and dust can be removed with a garment brush or a damp cloth

- for preventing your suit from clothes moth, brush wool with a fabric brush before storing

- store cleaned wool suits in airtight bags or containers with tight-fitting lids. When folding, add white tissue paper between folds to prevent wrinkling

- add mothballs, but NEVER put them directly on the fabric. Hang them in small woven cloth bags near the suit

- if the label says 'Dry Clean Only' bring the suit to a professional dry cleaner

- if there are any stubborn stains (like paint, dyes, nail polish, etc.) take the suit to a dry cleaner as soon as possible

How to take care of wool suits?- for hand washing your wool suit use a mild detergent in lukewarm, NEVER hot, water. Do NOT use bleach ever!

- soak the suit for 3 to 5 minutes and gently squeeze. Do NOT wring the garment

- rinse thoroughly with cool water to remove all traces of the detergent and squeeze gently again

- lay the garment on a flat surface and allow to dry away from direct sunlight and heat. Never put wool clothing in the dryer - this would shrink it!

- when you ironing a wool suit add water to the iron and use steam heat. Never iron wool fabric dry

- press on the inside of the garment to avoid surface shine using a clean white handkerchief or cotton cloth

If you follow this simple but effective tips, you will look stylish and elegant in your wool suit for years!

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