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More about the men's fashion tailors

Today we are going to tell you a little bit more about the tailoring profession.

A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially suits and men's clothing.

The first use of the word 'tailor' dates to the 13th century - 1297 according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

In the late 18th century 'tailor' became a popular name and nowadays it refers mainly to a person who makes men's clothes that are measured to fit a particular person.

In the United Kingdom (where the heart of the trade is London's Savile Row tailoring), they call the traditional tailoring 'bespoke tailoring', while it's called 'custom tailoring' in the United States and Hong Kong. The bespoke suit is completely original and unique to each customer. Hong Kong and London are the most famous for high quality bespoke tailoring.

According to the Italian master tailor Sebastiano Montella: 'Fashion in the context of traditional custom tailoring does not have a very promising future. The traditional methods of a quality hand-made suit are being replaced by factory quality items. It saddens me to see that this art is vanishing, but it is not completely gone'.

And he is right.

What we, as a media, can do to improve the situation is to popularize the fact that attention to fit and detail is the difference between a well dressed man and the ordinary guys. And that can be achieved only by traditional custom tailoring and made-to-measure services.

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