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Indochino - the travelling tailor

Indochino is a Vancouver-based made-to-measure men's fashion salon. Recently they began their Phildelphia journey. The goal of this journey is to connect e-buyers with custom-made suits, shirts and schinos made from the finest materials. So the "Travelling Tailor" offers the e-buyers the chance to get to know the brand and to get a personal consultation by Indochino stylists and fitters.

The first thing you can notice is how stylists and fitters know what exactly you like and want to buy. They make you feel special. The second thing is that there is no snob atmosphere, the staff makes you feel comfortable.

The Indochino team received a lot of visits from well known online clients and new shoppers that want to feel the lux. The brand manager Crystal Walton considers that the Philadelphia men are really stylish and they know what they want to wear. They can appreciate the quality of the made-to-measure suit. In Philadelphia Indochino's "Traveling Tailor" can be found in a pop-up shop from May 10-27 at 1518 Walnut.

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