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Quick guide how to wear a suit

If you are new in wearing formal wear, you are on the right place! We will give you some tips that will help you to look great, wearing a men's suit.

- a really good men's suit fits the body like a glove - avoid loose suits;

- for formal occasions match your suit with a shirt and a necktie;

- the collar and the sleeves of the shirt should be 1.5-2 cm longer that these of the suit jacket to prevent them for damaging or stains;

- the lower part of the shirt must be kept inside the suit trousers;

- the collar of the shirt and the width of the necktie should be in harmony with the collar and lapels of the suit - do not combine a small-lapel suit with a wide-collar shirt or a broad tie;

- don't wear a sweater or other heavy clothes under the suit coat - just choose a long, tailored overcoat (Chesterfield coat) and combine it with the formal suit;

- remember the 'Sometimes-Always-Never' rule about the buttoning;

- pay attention to the selected accessories - belt, shoes, gloves, hat, socks - make sure that they match the suit's color and fabric;

- avoid colorful trousers and white socks - they are inappropriate for formal wear.

And, of course, you should feel comfortable with your look - these simple tips will help you to achieve it.

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