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May 24th - the culmination of the Richmart Vintage international project

Richmart - the most modern men's suits factory in Europe - started an international project, called Richmart Vintage in the beginning of 2015, which grew into a global campaign for popularization of the Bulgarian folklore and unique dances, titled 'I like Bulgarian dances'.

The Bulgarian folklore is the world's richest in rhythms folklore. It has an important contribution to the musical culture of Europe and the world. Its amazing abundance should not stay hidden. The Bulgarian folklore is in what Bulgaria is a world leader and the main aim of the whole project is everyone to learn about Bulgaria and Bulgarian dances and the world's biggest media to talk about us.

The project is supported by many dance formations, celebrities and media worldwide and the peak of the campaign will be on May 24th.

We appeal to all the Bulgarians in the world to celebrate May 24th (Sunday) by organizing a huge Bulgarian horo in the city, where they live and to make video records, titled 'I like Bulgarian dances', which to share via Internet (YouTube and Facebook).

We already know that in many Bulgarian towns as well as in Copenhagen, Denmark (FREDERIKSBERGs rådhusplads, 11:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.) and Berlin, Germany (Alexanderplatz, 4 - 4.30 p.m), Bulgarians who live and work there will support us!

Everybody who wants is welcome to join us - just dance horo, record the dance, share it via Interner, titled 'I like Bulgarian dances' and you will be part of this to make the whole world talk about Bulgarian dances and our country in a positive way!

You are important!

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