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WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO 2015 fashion award

Vittorio Branchizio (prêt-à-porter) is the winner of the seventh edition of WHO IS ON NEXT?

UOMO, the competition produced by Pitti Immagine, Altaroma and L'Uomo Vogue that seeks out new Italian or Italy-based talents in men's fashions. Miaoran received an honorable mention.

The international judging panel - headed by Franca Sozzani and Raffaello Napoleone - were Beppe Angiolini (Sugar), Gianluca Cantaro (L'Officiel Italia), Antonio Cristaudo (Pitti Immagine), Davide Dallomo (Lagente), Simonetta Gianfelici (Altaroma), Luca Giusti (Fashion Valley), Maia Guarnaccia (, Eric Jennings (Saks Fifth Avenue), Sara Maino (, Stefano Martinetto (Tomorrow Ltd), Lucio Nigro (Sartorio), Costanza Pascolato (fashion consultant) and Rafael Rodriguez (Harper's Bazaar Spain). The judges expressed unanimous satisfaction with the high quality of the entries and for the research content of the finalists' collections. In addition to the winner and the honorable mention, the finalists were: Ilaria Lepore, L72, and Omogene for prêt-àporter; and for the accessories category, Mani del Sud and Marco Laganà.

Vittorio Branchizio is the winner of WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO 2015

Vittorio Branchizio is a young designer who has created a knitwear collection with enormous potential. His marked technical and innovative skills combine with a brilliant interpretation of the best Italian manufacturing traditions for knitwear that is totally unique - from the basic concept to the finished product to the package. His collection, with true international appeal, is the result of indepth research and truly inspired experimentation that is the fruit of the designer's professional experience.

Vittorio Branchizio is the winner of WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO 2015

The winner will receive a cash prize, the opportunity to stage a special event during next winter edition of Pitti Uomo 89 (to be held from 12-15 January 2106), and will get press coverage in L'Uomo Vogue and on the Condé Nast websites.

Photos: Knitwear for Fall-Winter 2015/2016 by Vittorio Branchizio;

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