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New College of Fashion and Design opens in London by Condé Nast

Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design was opened in London. The students who are going to study in it in the first year are from 23 countries.

With two courses on offer, a year-long 'Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma' and a ten-week 'Fashion Certificate', students are promised an overview of the fashion world, designed to help set them up for jobs in the industry.

The courses will be creative and help to make communications skills better within the context of the wider fashion industry" and applicants will be expected to show an 'interest and understanding of visual disciplines', research, writing and creative skills, and have a keen interest in the world of fashion and design.

The ten week-long course is £6,600.00 (around $10,000) excluding VAT, while the longer diploma (set into three terms of ten weeks) will set you back £19,560.00 (just under $30,000), again excluding VAT.

Nicholas Coleridge, president of Condé Nast International and managing director of Condé Nast Britain was confident that the company could make an impact: "Condé Nast is well placed to enter the field of education, with the considerable authority and expertise vested in the Vogue brand," he told Vogue. "Our courses offer unrivalled access - a front row seat into this famously opaque and hard-to-get-into industry" added the principal, Suzie Forbes.

On 15th May 2013 will have a day "with open doors". There will be two afternoon sessions. Attendees will be given a tour around the building, meet with staff and students, and are invited to a presentation by Principal Susie Forbes and her team. This will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the College and the courses offered.


The principal, Susie Forbes has spent over 25 years working in the fashion and media industries. Having started her career in the fashion department at ELLE, Susie joined British Vogue in 1995 as Editor-at -Large, and became Fashion Features Editor in 1998, Senior Editor the following year, and in 2001 was promoted to Deputy Editor, working alongside Alexandra Shulman. She was appointed as the founding Editor of Easy Living in 2004, a position she held until taking up the post of Principal of the Condé Nast College in September 2011.


At the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design will have visiting lecturers because of the relations that the college has with most of leading names in fashion and design. This means that students will be taught by a very wide range of visiting designers, journalists, stylists and entrepreneurs.

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