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About Richmart Junior project

The main purpose of the website Richmart Junior is to encourage children with an interest in fashion and beauty, art, dance and interior to develop their skills in this direction. The site gives you the unique opportunity to be fashion editors and to share with other children around the world articles, photos, videos.

Richmart Junior will help you develop yourself in your chosen field of interest, and you can win rewards for your creativity and enthusiasm.

The purpose of Richmart Junior is to become a social network for children with similar interests, where they can meet other children with an interest in fashion and arts. You can comment on other posts and create contacts that would be useful for your future development. A team of editors and consultants will provide guidance and advices and they will help you in creating your publications. Over time various experts will be selected to answer your questions.

The project Richmart Junior is designed for children who want to have fun while build their future in the field of fashion and art!

In this site you can upload:
- your drawings
- your fashion sketches
- your photo shoots with different outfits
- fashion and style articles - you can comment on fashion events that you attended or you have watched on TV or YouTube and want to share.
- share YouTube videos

A team of editors will select and will also publish information in the site that we think will be useful for you to see.